Link: Glenn Peoples on "Why a Christian should accept a Divine Command Theory, part 1"

Over at Glenn Peoples's website, Right Reasonyou can find an excellent post explaining why Christians should accept a divine command theory of ethics. In this essay, Peoples discusses the phenomenology of moral obligations and  suggests that our most clearly held moral beliefs are best explained by a divine command theory. It's a sharp and engaging piece of writing— well worth your time. Photo: "Ten Commandments, St. John's College, Cambridge" by Steve Day. CC License. 


Glenn Peoples

Glenn Peoples graduated in theology (MTheol, distinction) and philosophy (PhD) from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. He runs the popular blog addressing themes in theology, philosophy and social issues, Right Reason, along with the podcast Say Hello to my Little Friend. He writes and speaks internationally on issues as diverse as God and meta-ethics, religion in public life, philosophy of mind and hell. He and his wife Ruth have four children and currently live in Wellington, New Zealand.