John Hare's Review of Good God

John Hare is one of the most important philosophers in the area of theistic ethics. Hare has written many important books on moral philosophy including The Moral Gap and God and Morality. He has penned a mostly positive review of Good God which is available here.

Here's a short excerpt:

Having said all of this by way of criticism, I want to end by reaffirming that the book is, on the whole, a very good book. I do not want to give a predominantly negative impression. Making points of disagreement is usually more helpful and more interesting than simply agreeing. Nonetheless, the book does an excellent job of supporting the moral argument for belief in God, an argument that has been unjustly neglected in favor of other parts of natural theology, such as the arguments from the origin of the universe or fine-tuning.

Photo: ginnerobot/Flickr