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Reconciling a violent Old Testament God with a loving Jesus

Would a good, kind, and loving deity ever command the wholesale slaughter of nations? We often avoid reading difficult Old Testament passages that make us squeamish and quickly jump to the enemy-loving, forgiving Jesus of the New Testament. And yet, the question remains.

In the tradition of his popular Is God a Moral Monster?, Paul Copan teams up with Matthew Flannagan to tackle some of the most confusing and uncomfortable passages of Scripture. Together they help the Christian and nonbeliever alike understand the biblical, theological, philosophical, and ethical implications of Old Testament warfare passages.

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Chapter 1: The Problem Clarified: An Atheistic Philosophical Argument

Chapter 2: What Does It Mean to Say the Bible Is the Word of God?

Chapter 3: The God of the Old Testament versus the God of the New?

Chapter 4: “Does the Bible Command Us to Kill Innocent Human Beings?”

Chapter 5: “Does the Bible Portray the Canaanites as Innocent?”

Chapter 6: “Thrusting Out, Driving Out, and Dispossessing the Canaanites – Not Annihilating Them”

Chapter 7: “The Question of Genocide and the Hyperbolic Interpretation of Joshua.”

Chapter 8: “Genocide and an Argument for ‘Hagiographic Hyperbole’”

Chapter 9: “Objections from the Biblical Text to the Hyperbolic Interpretation.”

Chapter 11: “Divine Command Theory: Preliminary Considerations.”

Chapter 12: “The Divine Command Theory of Obligation: What It Is – and Is Not”

Chapter 13: “Arbitrary Divine Commands? The Euthyphro Dilemma.”

Chapter 14: “Other Euthyphro-Related Objections”

Chapter 15: “Can One Coherently Claim that God Commanded the Killing of Innocents?”

Chapter 16: “Can One Rationally Believe God Commands a Violation of Innocent Human Beings?”

Chapter 17: “Is It Rational to Believe God Commanded the Killing of Innocent?”

Chapter 18: “What if Someone Claimed God Commanded Killing the Innocent Today?”

Chapter 19: “The Role of Miracles and the Command to Kill Canaanites.”

Chapter 20: “Does Religion Cause Violence?”

Chapter 21: “Are Yahweh Wars in the Old Testament Just Like Islamic Jihad?”

Chapter 22: “Did Old Testament War Texts Inspire the Crusades?”

Chapter 23: “Turning the Other Cheek, Pacifism, and Just War.”

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